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Words of wisdom come when good people speak for justice (Psalm 37:30, CEV).

Eric E.Wright 11

Sunset photo courtesy of Eric E. Wright


This week’s I Love the Psalms theme is goodness.

Bad things happen when good people remain silent. It’s always right and good to speak up for justice. Why then do we remain silent?

In many cases the answer is fear. We are afraid of being ridiculed or attacked. Criminals get away with murder because good people are afraid to speak out. But it’s not just criminals, who are allowed to strut their stuff. The devil gets his way whenever God’s people remain silent and don’t take a stand.

Today’s verse from the Psalms puts a more positive spin on this topic. Words of wisdom come when good people speak for justice (Psalm 37:30, CEV).

Wisdom is often in short supply. You can be absolutely right about a matter, but absolutely wrong about how you address it. Both wisdom and goodness need to come from our lips.

Response: LORD God, help me stand for what is fair and just. Give me wisdom to speak into the situations around me. Help me overcome the fear that allows evil to triumph. Amen.

Your Turn: Is there a situation that you need to speak into?