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Come save us and bless us. Be our shepherd and always carry us in your arms (Psalm 28:9, CEV).

Eric E.Wright 10

Lake Ontario sunset – photo by Eric E. Wright


This week’s I Love the Psalms theme is salvation.

It’s a long, long time since I have been carried, but it remains as a pleasant childhood memory. I recall falling asleep in the car on the way home from a visit to some distant relatives. I remember slowly waking as my father carried me into the house.

David, the shepherd king penned the words of this prayer: Come save and bless us. Be our shepherd and always carry us in your arms.

Undoubtedly, as a young shepherd David remembered carrying lambs in his arms, but surely he also remembered being carried as a boy.

We may be adults now, but there are still days when we want to be carried—need to be carried. We are too big. Human arms aren’t strong enough. We need the LORD, the good shepherd, to carry us.

Response: LORD, my shepherd, when I am weary carry me in your arms. At the close of the  day, I want to feel your warmth and rest next to you. Come save and bless me. Amen.

Your Turn: Do you still long to be carried?