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Save us, LORD God! Bring us back from among the nations. Let us celebrate and shout in praise of your holy name (Psalm 106:47, CEV).


Morning hoarfrost — photo by Donald Adam


This week’s I Love the Psalms theme is holiness.

In today’s reading the psalmist cries out, “Save us, LORD God!”

There’s an element of desperation in that prayer. It should be our prayer too. If holiness is what God requires then salvation is our greatest need.

We are unable to save ourselves. Holiness does not come naturally to the human soul. We need God to intervene. And that’s just what the Father did when He sent His son Jesus to suffer and die in our place.

Our redemption was purchased for us at the cross. The price was the shed blood of Jesus.

Now every believer can say, “Through Jesus, you saved us, LORD God!”

Response: LORD God, I thank and praise you for sending Jesus to be my redeemer. Holiness is available to me personally through faith in the blood of Christ. I love you, LORD. Amen.

Your Turn: Have you received the salvation from sin that Jesus offers?