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Honor the wonderful name of the LORD, and worship the LORD most holy and glorious (Psalm 29:2, CEV).

D Adam Lethbridge Railbridge

Lethbridge Rail Bridge, Lethbridge, AB –photo by Donald Adam


This week’s I Love the Psalms theme is worship.

Today’s verse from the psalms calls on us to honor the wonderful name of the LORD. What a fitting way to begin 2016. Jesus taught us to pray in the same way. In the Lord’s Prayer, our first petition or request of our heavenly Father is that His name be hallowed. There is no greater name than the name of the LORD.

May we honor and worship our holy and glorious LORD throughout 2016. 

Response: LORD God, I worship your name. You are worthy of all praise because you created all things. I bow before you. Cleanse my heart, my lips and my very life. Amen.

Your Turn: How will you hallow and honor the LORD in the year ahead?