This post is a re-blog of some thoughts by Lawson Murray of Scripture Union on the importance and centrality of God’s word. Though it is written from a leader’s perspective, I believe it embodies wisdom that we can all appreciate.

Bible Engagement Blog: JumpIntoTheWord

I love to read, study, teach and preach the Word. But looking back on more than three decades of ministry I realize I could have done more to help others develop confidence in the Word, build community focused on the Word, and encourage conversations about the Word.

So what can teachers and preachers do to promote confidence in, community around, and conversations about the Word? Consider the following:

  • Read the Scriptures every time you teach or preach the Word. Don’t cut out or truncate the reading of the Word to make more time for what you want to say. The Word of God should always be the main point, not the footnote of the lesson or sermon.
  • Public reading of the Scriptures should be done with conviction, enthusiasm, passion, fluency and expression. Worship teams/choirs practice their singing – Scripture readers should likewise practice their reading.
  • God’s Word is holy. Read it…

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