Here’s some food for thought on Valentines Day.

I love the Psalms

This is a one-day, St. Valentines Day departure from my usual psalms posting.

About two weeks before Christmas I got a valentine from an admirer—a thirteen-year-old girl. I was delighted. You might even say I was tickled pink about it. Now as you may have guessed, since it was delivered before Christmas this was not planned as a valentine. It was actually a language arts assignment about her favourite poem done for her grade eight teacher. But in her assignment, Esther (not her real name) expressed her love for me. I think her words say it best:

Last year when I was in grade seven my homeroom teacher was Mr. Kitz. I loved him as a teacher; he was funny, smart and loved to tell us stories like none of my other teachers did. He was one of the only teachers who could actually keep our class quiet and entertained…

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